About Bhaktapur City

Bhaktapur is an ancient Newar City situated approximately 13 km (8 miles) from the Kathmandu Valley in the east corner of the Kathmandu Valley. Also known as an open museum, it houses some of the best preserved historical monuments, mostly representing Hinduism, including palaces, courtyards, temples, pagodas, monuments, crafts, hand-crafted peacock windows, etc.

It has two of the seven UNESCO World Heritage-listed monument areas within the Kathmandu Valley. Among the Bhaktapur Newars, there is also a rich concentration of culture and tradition. We’ve got festivals, songs and dances of our own. The whole city is full of masterpieces of history.

Bhaktapur is also renowned for its wonderful crafts such as Pottery, Weavery, Thanka, and masks, and is famous for its mask dances representing the lives of various gods and deities. Literally, the word Bhaktapur translates to “City of Devotees,” so in Bhaktapur one can expect to find a multitude of religious sites, monuments and events. The place is known for being the City of the Gods.

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