It’s Biska: Jatra Not Bisket Jatra.

It’s Biska: Jatra Not Bisket Jatra.

Biska Jatra are not Bisket Jatra According to culturologists, the famous Jatra celebrated in Bhaktapur is not ‘Bisket’ but is pronounced ‘Biska:’. Preparations for the procession have begun. Biska: Jatra There has been a lot of misinterpretation and misleading propaganda about the Jatra. He said, “Bi” means a snake and “Sika” means a procession after killing. Biscuit is an impure word and Biska: Jatra should be called, said Satya Mohan Joshi. Two flags symbolize the serpent and the serpent on the top of Yosin, the symbol of Bhairav ​​(Bhairavnath), which is celebrated after the killing of a snake by Sanskrit scholar Joshi. He informed that it is customary to tie the lingo with eight ropes tied to the symbol of Ashtamatrika.As worshiped in the evening according to the Yosin Tantric method, which is considered to be the symbol of Bhaila Dyo (Bhairavnath). BISKA: The fourth day of the procession will be held on the eve of the old year’s farewell, he said. BISKA: Sanskrit and linguist Ganesh Ram Lachhi has claimed that it was wrong to try to link the Jatra with the events implemented in India.

In that era there was a legend that a man named Vishwa Ketu from India came to see the procession and called it Biska Jatra. He complained that the mainstream media had never presented the Biska: Jatra as Biska: Jatra. Stating that Lachhi has misleadingly propagated that the Biska: Jatra is associated with Bikram Sambat and will be held on the occasion of New Year according to Bikram Sambat.

“Even in the middle of the Malla period, the procession to Biska: Jatra Khwapa (Bhaktapur) to pull the chariots of Bhaila Dyo & Yosin Thanegu ” was performed according to the lunar month,” Joshi added. ”Meanwhile, Sanskrit scholar Joshi also said that Bikram Sambat and Biska Jatra were not conducted by the same person. He said that it was an insult to the original culture to try to say that the culture that started in Ujjain, India and remained in Nepa Valley is the same.

Newa: As the festivals are celebrated according to the date, especially in Bhaktapur, the Biska: Jatra is celebrated on the day of ‘Khai Sanlhu’. Biska: Jatra There is a religious belief that seeing the lyric of the procession brings happiness, prosperity, contemporaneity and destroys enemies, said Joshi.

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