Biska Jatra Starts Today

Biska Jatra Starts Today

The Journey begins on Saturday The famous Biska Jatra of Bhaktapur, which lasts for eight days and nine nights, is starting from Saturday this year. Four days before mid-April, the Biska Jatra begins with a three-tiered pagoda-style chariot of Bhairavnath built at the Bhairavnath temple premises in the Taumadhi Square (Ta:Maari) area of ​​Bhaktapur.

On the first day of the procession, the chariot is pulled back and forth by eight long and thick ropes to reach Gahiti, about 200 meters south of Taumadhi. This process of pilgrimage is called Dyah Kwahan Bijayigu (riding downside the deity) in the local language. At other times, Bhairavnath is always seated in the temple, but during the procession, there is a chariot ride from the temple, so Bhairavnath Naike Krishnabhakta Chukan says that it is called Dya Kwan Bijayaigu Jatra. According to him, all the other deities of Bhaktapur, including Bhairav, Ashta Matrika and Ganesh, ride in the chariot just like the Bhairavnath deity rides in the chariot on this day. Bhairav, Ashtamatrika, Ganesh and other deities have been riding down the Dyochenn.

Bhairavnath’s chariot has been prepared by the three required for the Biska Jatra. Similarly, a small pagoda style chariot has also been prepared by the duo of Bhadrakali. This year, four new wheels have been installed in the Bhairavnath chariot. Which was made last year but the chariot was not pulled last year to control and manage the corona virus infection. Ananda Prasad Karmacharya, head of Guthi Sansthan Bhaktapur, said that two new chariots have been installed this year. He said all preparations for this year’s Biska Jatra, which starts on Saturday, have been completed.

According to the Chief Karmacharya, the procession has been scheduled at the Bhairavnath temple since Saturday morning with the involvement of Akash Bhairav ​​Guthi and Rakmi of Bhadrakali Guthi and priests of Bhairav ​​temple.

“As per the decision of the meeting of the stakeholders of Biska Jatra, all preparations have been made to pull Bhairavnath’s chariot at 2 PM on Saturday,” he said. ‘Stakeholders believe that the procession will be peaceful and dignified if it is held in day time before sun set, but it is not possible to conduct the procession according to the rules.

“The procession will start on time this year as thick and long ropes will be tied in front and behind the chariot during the Tantric worship at the Bhairavnath temple,” said Guthi chief Karmacharya.

The eight ropes tied to the chariot are considered to be the symbol of Ashtamatrika. According to him, after tying the rope, Betal will be tied in front of the chariot. After the Betal is tied, the chariot of Bhairavnath is taken from the temple to the chariot along with Bajagaja. After Bhairavnath is seated in the chariot, the devotees pull souting Haisee the chariot Hasye in response to Bhairav ​​Naike’s host.

The Biska Jatra is expected to be grand and civilized this year as it was halted due to corona virus infection last year. ) And locals were outraged after the Bhaktapur municipality made the decision. They spontaneously protested against the decision to stop the Biscay procession. DCCMC coordinator Chief District Officer Prem Prasad Bhattarai and Bhaktapur Municipality Mayor Sunil Prajapati were under pressure to reconsider the decision to stop the procession.

Similarly, Advocate Raj Kumar Suwal of Bhaktapur Municipality-5 Yosinkhel filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court against the decision of DCCMC to stop the procession. Hearing the writ petition, the Supreme Court has also issued an interim order not to stop the Biska Jatra. Similarly, the Bhaktapur Municipality had decided to conduct a peaceful and dignified procession of Bhairavnath’s chariot pulling Yosing (Lingo) after fulfilling the health standards.

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