Chatha Puja-Chatha Parva

Chatha Puja-Chatha Parva

Chatha puja (चःथा पुजा )

The Newar community celebrates the day as Chatha Puja(चःथा पुजा ).

One day all the gods have assembled under this tree Lord Ganesh, who has a big stomach reached late cause of his own small ride Rat climbs slowly and slowly.

So on the time Moon God laughs and laughs On Lord Ganesh. Lord Ganesh is angry and angry when he sees that he has ridiculed Lord Ganesh with such false pride that the moon is not his own. Lord Ganesh has cursed the moon so that everyone who sees you in the night should become a thief, so that the light from your source of light does not fall on you. All the gods fearing the curse disappeared after seeing the moon and becoming a thief….(READ MORE)


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