Biska Jatra 2077-2021

Biska Jatra 2077-2021

Bhaktapur‘s famous festival Biska Jatra will not be stopped this year. Last year, the Biska Jatra trip was limited to formalities to manage corona virus infection. Due to the corona virus infection, the main attraction of the Biska Jatra, Bhairavnath‘s chariot construction work was stopped in the middle.

But this year, preparations have been made to conduct the Biska Jatra in a proper manner, said Ananda Prasad Karmacharya, head of Guthi Sansthan Bhaktapur. He explained that technical assessment is being carried out to build the Bhairavnath chariot and to procure Lingo (Yosin Pole)., adding that discussions are being conducted with all stakeholders to conduct the Biska Jatra.

In the first week of Phagun last year, the construction of Bhairavnath’s chariot began. But this year, the construction of the chariot has not begun. The building of the chariot began in the first week of Phagun last year, according to Karmacharya, as the four wheels of the chariot and Betashi had to be renovated. We had to build a new chariot at the Phagun last year, as four wheels and a Betashi had to be made, he said. There is a long way to go, still. He declared that Bhairavnath’s chariot construction work will start in a few days. Bhairavnath’s chariot has the technology to make old things together. Chariot (Rath) is based on Newar’s architecture Chukul system. Due to which only the damaged or worn out parts can be made new. It doesn’t take long for skilled carpenters to build Bhairavnath’s chariot. The carpenters say that it is only possible to pay attention to its durability. Yet carpenters say most of the chariots are worn and worn out. The wheels of the chariot had become loose, according to him, and he had stopped standing in the chariot. He said that, at the beginning of the procession, Bhairavnath’s chariot was destroyed from past years. Therefore, they have stressed the need to build a new chariot.

Bhairavnath’s Jatra leader have said that it was too late to build a new chariot. Bhairav Jatra Naike Mila Chunka complained that he used to touch his hands, feet and clothes while sitting during the procession in the chariot when the chariot was aged. Old and worn out, the chariot is. Sitting in a chariot during the journey is dangerous, he said. Guthi Sansthan Bhaktapur’s chief staff said there was a lack of budget even though, according to his suggestion, the issue of making Bhairavnath’s chariot new was raised.He announced that this year, new wheels and whips would be used. The Bhaktapur Municipality has guaranteed, according to him, to provide the necessary carpenters and Kaligarh to make the chariot this year.

Bhaktapur’s Biska Jatra is celebrated for eight days and nine nights. This year’s Biska Jatra begins on April 11th. Bhairavnath’s three-story wooden chariot is the main attraction of the procession. A masterpiece of woodwork, this chariot is considered.Pulling the chariot by pulling it in front and opposite directions with eight thick ropes is the main attraction of the Biska Jatra.

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