Yomari Punhi Festival

Yomari Punhi Festival

It is said that the Yomari Punhi Festival began with Panchal Nagar (present day Panauti). The myth is that a married couple, Suchandra and Krita, first experimented with the fresh yield of rice from their field. And what came to take formations  became known as Yomari. Eventually, the new delicacy was distributed among the villagers. As everybody liked the food, the bread was called Yomari, which literally means ‘Delicious Bread.’

Furthermore, the myth states that the couple offered the god of riches, Kubera, who passed by in a disguise, a new delicacy on the same day. Kubera revealed his true identity after this and blessed the couple with money. He also claimed that everyone who prepares
Yomari Punhi is a Newari festival held during Thinlã’s full moon day (second month of Nepal’s lunar age)
Yomari Punhi marks the end of the rice harvest and a Newari delicacy called Yomari is celebrated.in the form of gods and goddesses and observes four days of devotion to God will get rid of poverty.

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