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December 30, 2020

Yomari Punhi Festival

85It is said that the Yomari Punhi Festival began with Panchal Nagar (present day Panauti). The...
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October 24, 2020

Kuchi Bhwey – Newari Feast (Bhoj)

197Kuchi means Two Mana, Bhwey means Feast(कुछी अर्थात दुई माना, भ्वय् अर्थात भोज ). The Newar ...
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June 29, 2020

Why Bhaktapur is a must see town on your trip to Nepal

204From the ancient cities there is profound spirituality, and some of the most generous people...
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June 28, 2020

Things to Know Before You Go Bhaktapur

155Basic Things to Know Before You Go Bhaktapur –Bhaktapur Durbar Square is a must see fo...
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November 30, 2019

Foreign Currency Exchange Rate For November 30 2019

625Nepal Foreign Exchange Rates Nepal Open Market Exchange Rates Saturday, November 30, 2019 #G...
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September 30, 2019

Mohani Nakha Dashain

1,130“Navaraat “ or the nine-night festival of Bada Dashain, the great festival of the Hindus o...
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September 2, 2019

Chatha Puja-Chatha Parva

551Chatha puja (चःथा पुजा ) The Newar community celebrates the day as Chatha Puja(चःथा पुजा ). ...
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August 30, 2019

Buba Ko Mukhherne Din

352Father’s Day is the day of paying appreciation indeed to him. The Nepal tradition and cultur...
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August 28, 2019

Panch Dan (Five Offerings)

407Panch Dan (Five Offerings) is a Buddhist festivals, falling on Triodashi, two days prior to ...
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August 4, 2019


458Gunlā (Nepal Bhasa: गुंला) (also spelt Gumlā) is the tenth month in the Nepal Sambat lunar c...
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