NavaDurga: Dances of the living Goddesses

NavaDurga: Dances of the living Goddesses

Former King Suvarna Malla’s reign in B.S. 1505, Bhaktapur was peaceful and prosperous. Once upon a time, ghosts began to terrorize people, and the number of ghosts began to increase. The state’s residents have begun to instill fear. Working in the fields has begun to come to a halt until late in the evening. Everyone in the house is nearly locked up.

Due to ghosts, people are becoming ill. Following this incident, King Suvarna Malla released a Tantrik daki and instructed all ghosts to stay in the control. Tantrik also used his tantra vidya to load all of the ghosts into his bus and transport them to Tulaju Bhawani’s(Goddess TALEJU) room. This was a tightly guarded secret that only the king and Tantrik knew about. Tantrik used to go to that room on a regular basis to get food.

Tantrik‘s wife was not brought anywhere because the power of Tantra Vidya was weakened day by day, looking through ′′ Khagpwa ′′ (Chukul is hole center of Traditional Newari Doors), and she escaped from the same hole and reached the east. Tantrik finally worked out the trick and tracked down the present Inacho. He suddenly blew another mantra to re-boarded the control with them.As a result, there are currently Three Stones (swang Lwoha) in the field. Tulaju (Goddness TALEJU) , Navadurga, and Tantrik are all associated with the month of June. They made a promise to protect them and put them in charge as a Mandalakar around Bhaktapur by keeping it invulnerability , learning different dance songs is not harmful to Bhaktapur.

The demonic power was thus converted into divine power, which was then used to protect the land. The Gan of Ashtamatrika is the name given to this divine power. Ashtamatrika Gan is guarded by Kashi Bishwanath.

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