SOS Children’s Villages Nepal


SOS Children’s Villages Nepal

We were founded in 1949 and are the world’s largest charity dedicated to caring for disabled children.
We affect the lives of millions of children and families through our SOS Families and Family Bonding Services , medical centers , schools and emergency response efforts.

We work for disadvantaged kids to achieve their full potential. Through our family support and care programme, early childhood care and development, primary and secondary education, jobs and entrepreneurship training, we improve the lives of children, families and the community.

We build families for vulnerable children in 136 countries including Nepal.

We help children in need

In doing so, we act swiftly and unbureaucratically, actively engage and in a variety of ways bring in our expertise as an international organisation. For example, in crisis housing groups, in counseling centers, outpatient clinics and aftercare centers, where children , adolescents and their families find what they need as a matter of urgency: help, support and the opportunity for a new perspective.

We give 1260 children parental care through our 10 villages throughout the country.

Ways to give

-Make a donation
-Support a child monthly
-Sponsor a village

Sanothimi, Madhyapur – 2, Bhaktapur, NEPAL

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