Siddhi Memorial Foundation (SMF)


Siddhi Memorial Foundation (SMF), Bhaktapur, Nepal, is a non-governmental organization that is not for profit (NGO). Through the Siddhi Memorial Hospital (SMH), we provide quality, affordable health care facilities for women and children and assist seniors through the Siddhi Shaligram Senior Citizens’ Home (SSSCH).

After its establishment in 1997, as our “Milestone” section suggests, Siddhi Memorial Hospital has expanded greatly. While fees are minimal, in challenging conditions, they may not be affordable for certain patients. Suitable accommodation is generated in these cases.

In 2005, the Siddhi Shaligram Senior Citizens’ Home (SSSCH) opened with a total of 35 inhabitants. 60 residents can now be accommodated by its increased capacity. SSSCH‘s mission is to have a home away from home to help seniors continue to live safe, satisfying and peaceful lives.

In other respects, we are still reaching out to the world. For local children, educational and service services are held on Saturdays to complement their school curriculum. The Foundation funds schooling for underprivileged children every year, as well as preparation for medical and nursing students and higher education. SMF assisted many individuals in the emergency relief effort when the great April 2015 earthquake struck.

We are very pleased and proud to have supported many people with treatment and assistance, and we are very grateful for all the generous donations from donors and supporters that have made our hospital, home for senior citizens, and other community programs a reality. Their aid has changed many people’s lives, and their continued commitment is crucial to the success of our future efforts to help people in need.

Siddhi Memorial Foundation P.O. Box 40, Aadarsha, Bhimsenstan, Bhaktapur, Nepal

Email: smh@healthnet.org.np

  • Hospital +977-1-6612945
  • Admin +977-1-6619382
  • Senior Citizens+977-1-6616589


Aadarsha, Bhimsenstan, Bhaktapur, Nepal

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