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Khwopa College is not only a nice function where lecturer, professors, academicians, and sensible parents may feel greater academic tranquility, but it is also a good academic platform for a variety of students of all levels.

The historic name of this ancient town, Bhaktapur, is Khwopa. And the name of this college is derived from the ancient and meaningful term Khwopa. This is the town’s only community-based and service-oriented college. The local government, Bhaktapur Municipality, has been in charge of this. The college was established in the year 1999 AD.

Its academic objective aims to provide high-quality, practical education at an affordable – and likely lower – cost. Education is expensive and unaffordable for a big part of the population in the current setting of the country. So, in order to provide one of the most basic needs, this magnificent institution has taken on a special mission: to be committed to people and professionalism. Despite the fact that it is based in Bhaktapur, the cultural capital of Nepal. It has already opened its wide gates and welcomed pupils from sixty-five different areas. Even so, it is insufficient to achieve our goal.

Khwopa College is not only a nice function where lecturer, professors, academicians, and sensible parents may feel greater academic tranquility, but it is also a good academic platform for a variety of students of all levels. As a result, we are always aware of what we can provide to the pupils. The college provides a variety of amenities, including well-equipped libraries, laboratories, and maybe the greatest class rooms and extracurricular activities. Auxiliaries include good canteens, college buses and sports facilities, and the most up-to-date teaching and learning approaches and equipment. Furthermore, the united efforts of numerous faculties, visiting professors, medalists, professionals, and academicians have positioned college as a model of academic area. The quality of the result is also reflected in the percentage.


Each faculty of Khwopa College gives scholarships and awards to exceptional and deserving students. Scholarships are available for students admitted to ASc (PCM/PSM), Esc (Env. sci.), Bas, BA, MBA, Msc (Env. sci.), MA (Eng.), MA (Eng.), MA (Eng.), MA (Eng.), MA (Eng.), MA (Eng.), MA (Eng.), MA (Eng.), MA (Eng.), MA (Eng.), MA (Eng.), MA (Eng (ECO.).

Poor and bright students in each faculty receive a monthly fee reduction (ranging from 25% to 100%).
Top students in each internal test in all faculties at the bachelor’s level are given a four-month fee-free scholarship. (Students must achieve a minimum of 60%).


Khwopa Higher Secondary School 

  • 2056    Establishment under the affiliation Of HSEB, launching Of Science and Management program
  • 2058    Launching Of Humanities program

Khwopa College 

  •  2058    Establishment under the affiliation of TU, launching of BSc Environmental Science and BBS
  • 2061    Launching of BSc (PCM/PSM) and BA
  • 2062    Launching of MSc Environmental Science
  • 2062    Launching of MBS
  • 2064    Launching of MA English
  • 2065    Launching of MA Economics
  • 2075     Launching BBM Program


  • Fully equipped laboratories
  • Resourceful library and reference section
    • National Dailies
    • National weeklies
    • National/international ‘Periodical
    • Text/ Reference books
    • OPAC Services in the library (computerized book issuing system)
    • Journals
  • Computers for researchers with an uninterrupted power supply
  • Audio visual aids
  • Multimedia and OHP
  • Cafeteria
  • Indoor and outdoor co-curricular activities
  • Field Visits
  • Sports
  • Free internet
  • Twin buildings with 55 ropani premises
  • Ecological Garden
  • Football ground
  • Volleyball Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Auditorium
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Open stage
  • Notice Board Service



One-way transportation service is available for students from Kavre and Kathmandu.


Admissions & Eligibility

Students who have completed plus two or a proficiency certificate (Intermediate Level) or an equivalent degree in any subject from a recognized board are eligible to apply for admission to BA & BASW.

An applicant for admission to the BA and BASW programs must take a one-and-a-half-hour Entrance Examination. Admission shall not be granted to any applicant who fails to present in the Entrance Examination or achieve a minimum qualifying score. Students will be admitted solely on the basis of their merit on the merit list and the College’s enrolment capacity.

Students possessing a Bachelor’s Degree in English or an equivalent degree from a Tribhuvan University-accredited university are eligible to apply for admission to the M.A. English degree program. An applicant for admission to the MA English program must participate in a college interview. Students shall be admitted only on the basis of the college’s enrolment capacity.

Notice Board Numbers:
1618-01-6610932 | 1618-01-6614336

College Account on Nepal Bank Ltd.
A/c Name: Khwopa College Amdani Khata
A/c No.: 01900106309726000001
Branch: Bhaktapur


Khwopa Educational Circle

Changunarayan Rd Dekocha, Bhaktapur 44800

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