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‘Hotel at the End of the Universe’ combining breathtaking surroundings and welcoming friendly service. Known for our comfortable guest rooms built with natural materials, for the restaurant with its delicious food, and for the history which gave rise to our name, we we invite you to come and experience our hotel and Nagarkot.

We offer a wide range of rooms to fit all guests (from luxurious suites to budget huts), each a combination of the modern and traditional, and all cozy. With hot showers and magnificent views, they are all comfortable and quiet environments to work, rest, and relax in.

You can admire the Himalayan peaks in all their glory from here, in fine weather, as well as the picturesque Bhaktapur Durbar Square and surroundings. We can also drive you on top of the Nagarkot View Tower to see the famous sunrises and sunsets.

Originally a restaurant before we became a hotel, with your choice of drinks, we offer traditional Newari and delicious intercontinental, Indian, and Nepali dishes. Our terrace cafe extends from the restaurant where you can hang out, relax and enjoy the breathtaking views.

A rare getaway with views of the Himalayas in Nagarkot, Nepal, delicious cuisine and friendly service. Run back to the mountains!


– from the founder

Mr. Mark, a Canadian-American tourist, stayed at my place called Mahankal Lodge. He was both a computer programmer and a speed mountain bike builder, and had a son named Abhimanue. It was Dec. 24, 1981, he went to Kathmandu to enter Christmas Eve at around 12 o’clock in the afternoon.He saw a mountain fog-absolutely dark-coming down from the next hill after he went down from Mahankal hill. The dog was busy repeating the same cry over and over again. It was surprising, never seen before. My staff and I began play at the puppy. Suddenly I got kicked by some unknown force from behind. I dropped down to the terrace below, from my backyard. At last, I could stand up after three punches. I looked around but saw nothing, even the puppy. I went back up to the garden but felt surprised, so I went down to my Bhaktapur house. One of our lodge cottages caught fire the same night, and burned to the ground. Mark and I returned to Nagarkot on December 25th, with cops to file the loss report for police.Mark was so sad about my cottage. He took photos of the burnt cottage in the distance, with the great Himalayas. He gave me a slip of paper before he said farewell, and started to walk down the hill. I opened the slip and it said, “The Restuarant at the End of the World, your place ‘s new name that will bring you luck.”


Separate bedrooms with single and double beds, and spacious living room with balconies overlooking the peaks of the Himalayas.


Such rooms are light, spacious and stylishly appointed, offering two single beds or a pair.


These rooms offer a more traditional and cozy environment, which makes you feel right at home here in the mountains.


Perfect for a family or a community of friends, this quirky dome house is both spacious and vibrant.


Featuring bedrooms up and down, this room is ideal for families and groups who enjoy having their own space.


These huts were designed especially for guests traveling on a budget after the earthquake.

  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Car Rental
  • Pets Friendly
  • Resorts
  • Smoking Allowed
  • Street Parking
  • Wireless Internet

Mahankal Temple, Nagarkot

  • Dogs Allowed
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