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Bhaktapur Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Management


Bhaktapur Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Management( BKTATHM) It is a well-known establishment that has been generating successful hospitality industry candidates for the past six years. We strongly believe that a good theoretical knowledge accompanied by sound practical knowledge will allow the student to better understand and maintain the training. With all of our continuing to see outstanding results from then on, we used this theory.

We take this opportunity to inform you that we have training facilities that would fit your+ 2 students proposed to join us as well as those looking for foreign or domestic jobs in the hospitality industry. Our realistic lab makes it easier for you to include:
  • Fully Functional Kitchen
  • An Operational Restaurant and Bar
  • A hotel’s guest room setup
  • A hotel’s front desk setup
In addition to improving their understanding of the subject taught to your student, the above facilities will also kindle their interests in becoming potential hospitality professionals.

In Bhaktapur for the first time
BATHM announces open admission to DHM & BHM(Hons) for 4 years, including 30 months of paid internship at 4 & 5 star hotels and China resort. Affiliated with Hangzhou China ZHEJIANG BUSINESS COLLEGE.

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