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Bhat-Bhateni Bhaktapur


Bhat-Bhateni Super Market was founded in 1984 as a 120 sq ‘single shutter’ by Mr. Min Bahadur Gurung, the owner and chairman of the company. Cold shop for ft. Mr. Gurung, who gave up a lucrative banking career to devote himself to the shop, has since supervised the business as it has evolved from its modest beginnings to become a household name in the region.Bhat-Bhateni today has a combined 1,000,000 sq. Ft. distribution area across its 15 locations and hires 4,500 full-time employees 95 per cent of women. With daily sales which surpass NRs. 5.5 Crore (USD 550,000.00), and Bhat-Bhateni is also Nepal ‘s largest retail taxpayer.

Today, Bhat-Bhateni is the leading supermarket and department store chain in Nepal, spreading out the capital city and economic hub in Kathmandu and in all major cities across the country. Bhat-Bhateni is one of the most popular brands in Nepal, and sees a daily footfall of more than 100,000 patrons.

Bhat-Bhateni, as Nepal ‘s largest retail chain, offers an array of 150,000 products from 1,000 local and international suppliers. From grocery and fresh produce  cosmetics and toiletries a wide range of international liquors to a wide selection of kitchen utensils, clothing, sports goods, toys and electronics, Bhat-Bhateni is committed to delivering the highest quality products.

Bhat-Bhateni provides a convenient shopping experience where consumers can save time and money. Bhat-Bhateni stores give consumers in Nepal a unique shopping experience adopting the international ‘Hypermarket’ model. The ground floor features a wide variety of fresh food and vegetables as well as a wide selection of leading foreign brands of beer, toiletries and cosmetics.The remaining floors offer a wealth of choice including kitchenware, clothing, sports & toys, and electrical appliances, with convenient escalators and air conditioning on every floor. Each store includes a service for shirting & suiting, and a promotional area for displaying carefully selected promotions. Additionally, furniture & fixtures is an exciting new product.

Parking arrangements are available at the premises free of charge and there is a secure locker system available to keep personal belongings. Restaurants, banking & cash machines, and nearby dry cleaning facilities make Bhat-Bhateni a one-stop shopping destination. Bhat-Bhateni provides a free home delivery service, if you end up buying more than you can bring. The return period of 7 days guarantees a comfortable shopping experience.

Bhat-Bhateni remains a pioneer in corporate responsibility and employ-ability. It is at the heart of our dedication to creating opportunities and bringing value to Nepal’s customers and communities. Our dedication to corporate social responsibility ( CSR) will become a key catalyst for the success of the business.

  • Accessories
  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Fashion
  • Home & Garden
  • Home Delivery
  • Jewelry
  • Men Clothing
  • Music
  • Sporting Goods
  • Women Clothing

Radhe-Radhe,Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur

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