List of postal codes in Bhaktapur

List of postal codes in Bhaktapur

Postal Codes, or also addressed as ZIP codes or PIN codes, are one of the most important things you would be expected to have while you are receiving or sending parcel either through locally or globally. Postal codes or ZIP codes are usually variations of letters, numbers, spaces or even punctuation. For various countries, postal codes have different names, e.g. in India, postal codes are called PIN codes, an acronym for the Postal Index Number.

This is a list of postal codes in Bhaktapur, sorted by Districts and Municipality.

District Postal Office Postal/ Pin Code Post Office Types Municipality
Bhaktapur Bhaktapur 44800 D.P.O. Bhaktapur
Bhaktapur Duwakot 44802 A.P.O. Changu- Narayan
Bhaktapur Kharipati 44804 A.P.O. Changu-Narayan
Bhaktapur Tathali 44805 A.P.O. Changu-Narayan
Bhaktapur Jorpati 44806 A.P.O. Changu-Narayan
Bhaktapur Gamcha 44809 A.P.O. Madhyapur-Thimi
Bhaktapur Dibyashwori 44810 A.P.O. Madhyapur-Thimi
Bhaktapur Madhyapur-Thimi 44811 A.P.O. Madhyapur-Thimi
Bhaktapur Nagarkot 44812 A.P.O. Changu-Narayan



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