Kuchi Bhwey – Newari Feast (Bhoj)

Kuchi Bhwey – Newari Feast (Bhoj)

Kuchi means Two Mana, Bhwey means Feast(कुछी अर्थात दुई माना, भ्वय् अर्थात भोज ). The Newar community is celebrating Maha Ashtami this evening on the occasion of Dashain Maha Ashtami. For this, everyone has brought Dashain meat in their houses in the morning. In the Newar community, the meat of Dashain has been imported today according to the tradition of jointly cutting the turnip and bringing the meat to the houses. When meat is brought in, blood is sprinkled on the main door of the house and it is customary to bring the meat into the house only after eating it.

Dashain is celebrated by the Newar community as Mohani Nakha. Mohani Nakha has a special significance in the Newar community. Mohani Nakha is one of the most important and big festivals celebrated throughout the year. Therefore, in Mohani Nakha, it is customary for all the families, including the departed brothers, to sit in one place and have a feast, and to respect the elders.

To celebrate various festivals with special and original traditions, the skilled Newar community eats something grand on the day of Maha Ashtami. In the Newar community, something of special significance is of great importance. If the wedding party is not given to the brothers in the house where the new bride is brought, there is a practice of not allowing the new bride to participate in the party. You only need 12 kinds of vegetables to eat some Bhwey and 12 pieces of Choyala. Banana leaves contain Two Mana of Chiura as well as Greens Leafs , potatoes, choyala, hikasa (blood), Bara, Eggs, Fish, Persimmons, Khyapi Chyapi (two small varieties of raw persimmons), Ginger, Bodi, Kerau, Masyang, Soyabean. Some food is eaten by keeping it. Similarly, Bananas or seasonal are considered essential in fruits.

In the Newar community, there is a belief that even if a lie is told, something should be done. Since meat should not be eaten in a lying house, it is customary to keep ginger instead of meat and corn instead of meat. It is said that the name of this feast has become a bit glorious as it is eaten with Two Mana of Chiura.

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