Samyak Mahadan


Samyak Mahadan is a Buddhist alms-giving festival, held in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley. Thousands of images of Dīpankara Buddha are displayed during the ceremony which is conducted on a large open area, and offerings of different types of food are made to the deities and the Buddhist community.

Samyak Mahadan is Newar Buddhist’s most impressive celebration. It is observed at various intervals in the three cities of the valley— in Kathmandu every 12 years, in Lalitpur every 5 years, and in Bhaktapur annually. The first known Samyak Mahadan was held in Kathmandu in 1015 AD (Nepal period 135).

In Bhaktapur annually observed a Buddhist cultural festival of Bhaktapur SAMYAK MAHADAN in Thathubahi Bhuikhel (open space for Buddhist event). It is traditionally the most important event of Buddhist Community  where 5 Dipanker Buddha Statues, 4 Samyak Statues and 1 Golden Stupa are performed at the festival and thousands of devotees participate in the festival, devotees, donates, and enjoy.