PuluKisi Jatra


Pulu Kisi (Indra Jatra): the elephant carrier of Indra searching for Maisasur.

The son of Lord of Heaven is believed to have been kidnapped by a devil named Maisasur who then tied Indra’s son to a pole and killed him. Indra was shocked to hear of his son’s death and sent an elephant, Pulukisi to find and kill Maisasur. But legend says Pulukisi could never find Maisur right up until now. This jatra is a play on the legend where Pulukisi goes around the town in search of Maisasur.

The last day of Indra Jatra, which is celebrated for eight days,
Started today from Lakulacchhen Tole in Bhaktapur of Pulukisi, passing through Potery Square, Nasmana,
Ittachhen, Durbar Square, Balakhu, Chochhen, Bholacchhen, Thalachhen, Suryamdhi, Inacho, Golmadhi and passing through end at Taumadhi Square.
Residents of the Lakulachhen Tole, covered with Blue Cloth on a Bamboo Elephat Body Frame, made a jumble of elephant-like earrings in front and started a pilgrimage to worship the powerful Bhairavnath deity in the local Taumadhi Square.
During the tour of the city, one plays the bell in front of the Pulukisi and indicates that the Pulukisi has arrived.
In Jatra, the city of Bhaktapur is surrounded by Traditional Musical Instruments. During the Jatra, Pulukisi is fed by paddy in Banshagopal Tole,
checking fires in Durbar Square and watering in the Tula-Tunthi (well) of Taulachhen.
Along with Pulukisi Jatra, the Khat Jatra of Akash Bhairava, Yamamata (Akasebati) and Mupatra Jatra are also celebrated for three days.